Photo Rosette with Tail Print


One, two, three or four-tier rosettes wuth your photo.
Choose your required centre design from the drop down (design options are shown in the gallery and also on the right). Then choose your ribbon colours for the required number of layers. Add your text in the ‘text’ box below,
You should now choose the colour for your tail print and add the required text in the relevant text box. Unless you specify a particular font we will usea simple font for your text.

The layers number out from the centre. Layer 1 is the innermost layer, folowed by 2,3 then 4. Just leave any layer as ‘not required’ if you don’t require this ribbon layer/



The diameter of the rosettes are 90mm (1 tier), 110mm (2 tier), 130mm (3 tier) and 150mm (4 tier), 1 and 2 tier rosettes have 2 tails and 3 and 4 tiers have 3 tails. All rosettes come complete with a safety pin fastening on the back.