Custom Sashes – printed on the Front


Sashes for all occasions printed on the front only. The sashes are ideal for a range of events and occasions : – hen nights, birthdays, competitions, award, prom nights etc.

The sashes are supplied in a choice of ribbon colours and text colours. The sashes are 100mm x 1.8M (4″ x 6′) and are sealed with a self-adhesive hook and loop fastener. Other lengths can de supplied on request.

There is no minimum order for our custom sashes and there is no charge per letter or word.

Text that you want on the Sash


Custom Sashes

birthday sashes

All of our custom sashes are created on demand when you place the order. We print all of the sashes in-house. We always carry a large stock of ribbon in a great variety of colours.

The sashes are closed by applying the self-adhesive hook and look fastener that we supply with each sash. This lets the wearer check and adjust the fit of the sash, attach the fastener and so obtain the perfect fit. This is a great option that caters for different build and height of the wearer. It also allows adjustment of the sash fit depending on the clothing being worn.