Customised Sashes

For many years, sashes were associated with beauty pageants. But increasingly they are being used at product promotions, parties, such as hen nights and birthdays. And events such as prom nights and product promotions. The advent of techniques that enable direct printing on to ribbon has meant that it is now economical to print short customised sasheslengths of ribbon. Whereas the previous screen printing method really needed to have large amounts in order to produce a product at an affordable price for a one-off use.  Screen print still has its place for longer runs. But we have chosen to specialise in the short run market, where there are no minimum order requirements and where we can economically produce just one sash. Alternatively we could produce a selection of customised sashes on different coloured ribbon. Each with a different message . And still charge a low price.

Our print process is quick and we can normally print and post the order within a few hours of receiving the payment. If you require a customised  sash of slightly different length than our standard 6 feet then just let us know. We can adjust the print area so that it will still display correctly on the amended length.

Customised Sashes

Print can be placed so that it is just visible from one side when the sash is worn (just tell us whether it is on the front or the back) . Or you can have a message that is visible from both sides (i.e. a front and back print).

On request we can stitch the sashes. Our preferred method of fastening, however, is to provide self adhesive fasteners so that the wearer can adjust the length of the sash and get a perfect fit before  making the final seal. Even then, the sash can still be adjusted by opening the fastening and repositioning the ribbon overlap.

We don't just produce customised sashes- our range includes many other personalisable items such as badges, rosettes and printed ribbon. Further details of these can be found on our products page or one our main site

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