Personalised Fridge Magnet - "Save the Date" message

If you are planning an event then you really want to make sure that anyone who is accepted doesn't forget.  This is particularly applicable if the event is taking place some time in the future. You don't really want to leave it to chance that they remember. Equally you don't want to have to keep reminding them of the date. the easy solution is to send them a simple ' Save the date' personalised fridge magnets that they will stick on the fridge door as a constant reminder.

Our personalised fridge magnets are simple and cheap, and a a great novel way to keep your special date oon people's minds.

We can personalise the magnets with all of your details. Your name, the event and the date, and any other message that you feel would be a useful addition.

You can theme the magnets with a colour to match that of the event. So this could be a wedding theme or corporate colours if it is a company event. they are equally suitable for birthday invitations.

Basically we can put anything on them to remind people of the date.

personalised fridge magnets
personalised fridge magnets
personalised fridge magnets
personalised fridge magnets

Designs for "Save the Date" Personalised Fridge Magnets

We have a few standard designs that are shown on the web pages

The magnets are based on our 57mm diameter badges, so you can also pick any of the standard badge designs and have these adapted to be a fridge magnet.

If you want to personalise each of the magnets with the names of the people attending, then it is possible to have their names put on the magnets. This adds an extra degree of personalising and makes the invitation a little more personal. And you will still stay within your budget as the extra cost is minimal.

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