Economy Range - Inexpensive Party wear - not cheap party badges etc

Our economy range of badges, rosettes, lanyards, sashes and wristbands is nothing to do with lower standards of workmanship. the economy range is based on the fact that the items are not personalised. So inexpensive, rather than cheap party badges.


So this means that the birthday badges are, for example,  generic ' I am 21 today' rather something like 'Jack is 21 today'. the same designs apply to the range of economy or 'off the shelf 'rosettes. The various designs are shown on the main pages of the web site.  A variety of sizes, colours and themes are available. there is no minimum order quantity.


With the range of rosettes you can still choose the colours for your rosette, as we don't hold rosettes in stock. We create each one on demand to individual requirements of the ribbon colours and design..


We have a selection of sashes already printed in the Bride Tribe theme. There are some for the guests with Bride Tribe. Some for the Bride and some for Bridesmaids.  They are all in black ribbon with a script-like font in white.

cheap party badges

The continuing quest for cheap party badges, rosettes, lanyards, wristbands and sashes


We have silicone wristbands in a pink/purple swirly colour with 'We're on a a Hen Night' in white. These are ideal if you are a small group or if you want an economic solution for your wristbands.


We have pink lanyards with 'We're on a Hen night' printed in black. There is no minimum order for these lanyards. Again these are the ideal solution if you are on a tight budget or if you are a smaller groups.

If the 'off the shelf' or economy range of products has whetted your appetite for a more personalised product, then just visit our main site and you will see all the various options for a personalisation.

If you want any advice before you order either of the ranges of products, then please get in touch


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