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Whether you want a single sash,
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a single ribbon banner or
just a short piece of ribbon for gift wrap

  •   Order Personalised Sashes with Print on the Front, Back or Front & Back
  •   It's your choice when it comes to Ribbon Colour
  •   You choose the text colour and the message on the personalised sash or printed ribbon
  •   All with a Next Day delivery option

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About our Personalised Sashes
Our prices are some of the most competitive on the web.
Remember our prices are for a top quality ribbon - 100mm or 4 inches wide .
We do not use the cheap flimsy ribbon that is often seen on offer.

Because of the quantities of ribbon and printing foil that we buy, we are able to purchase at advantageous rates, which we can pass on to you, the customer, and offer great prices without sacrificing anything on quality.

We also appreciate the fact that we are not all built the same and we don't all want to wear our personalised sashes over the same sort of clothes. We can accommodate your requirements, whether it's for a junior dance group, a prom night , hen night or a seniors' dance competition. Whether you are wearing the sashes over a swimsuit or whether you are canvassing for an election in the winter in your overcoat. Just tell us and we can adjust the fitting of the sash to suit. And there is no extra charge to produce the personalised sash of your choice!

How It Works:
Simple & Easy Ordering of your
Personalised Sash

With our printing process it doesn't matter if you want different text on each sash. For example if you had the text printed on the front and the back of the sash, you could have a standard message on the front that read something like Lisa's Hen Night in larger lettering and then put the date and venue underneath , such as Bristol, August 2016. On the back you could then have the individual names of all the girls in the group. For the Bride you could select different wording, such as It's My Hen Night, with The Bride on the back.

You can have whatever wording you require, but remember that the ribbon is only 4 inches wide and that even though the sash is 6 feet (1.8M) long, that the actual area that you can see when it is being worn is only about 20 inches (50cm). You can have the text on 2 lines if required. In this case for ease of reading we normally would make the top line the main message (e.g. this is where we would put the name of the event such as Sarah's Hen Do, and then underneath we would use smaller text for something like London 2016.

We have a selection of standard fonts, from serif to non-serif to script, but sometimes it gives a better result to have a simple font. Also it is usually easier to read a message that uses upper and lower case letters rather than all capital letters. All capital letters can be particularly difficult to read in a script type of font.

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If you need to call us
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If you have a query with regard to your personalised sash, or if you have a problem on the web page, then please call us on 0161 652 7489. We are also happy to take your calls in the evening or at weekend, but please remember that we do need to sleep, so please don't call very late in the evening!
A personalised sash is probably second only to the crown, for making you feel like royalty. It is not only a piece of cloth wrapped around your body but instead, it symbolizes who the boss is.
There are multiple occasions which are well-suited for the requirement of a sash.
Most people, when thinking about a personalised sash, get images of Miss World wearing one.
But it is, in fact, used for multiple diverse reasons.

Some prevailing uses include:

 The bride-to-be wearing one on her bridal shower
 The mother-to-be wearing one on her baby shower
 During any school events where you may be in charge
 During political campaigns
 For the birthday boy/girl
 For competition winners
 To promote an event or item
 For the prom queen
 Any beauty contests
 Halloween Costumes
 Marketing campaigns
 Anywhere where you want to draw attention to a specific message or person.
No matter what the event is, the attraction and royalty of a personalised sash are unmatched. So getting a personalized sash according to the requirements of the event is not at all as difficult and time-consuming as it sounds. In fact, such items are usually left to be dealt with at the last moment and, therefore, we keep all our materials ready for action. So much so, our team can also custom print at the venue to gain complete control over the production. But even if you think it is too late to order, do not hesitate to give us a call because we pride ourselves in quick delivery within 24 hours.
Our customisations include almost every requirement of any event. We can print in simple colors, or metallic foils, which gives a stunning and eye-catching look especially on darker shades of material. Sashes are usually worn from the right side of the shoulder. However if you require otherwise, let us know beforehand and we can print accordingly. You can also customize the size of your sash to make it suitable for all ages. If you cannot make up your mind, write to us an e-mail. We’ll be sure to get back to you immediately relating to the details and a quote.

The perfect accessory

Whether you want to add a little zing and fun to your hen night or want to get the attention of everyone at the pageant, a sash can be the perfect accessory to complete your look and provide you with a sense of achievement. So do not miss out on the chance to grab everyone’s attention. Be sure to go get yourself a suitable sash that matches your style and is catered to your every requirement.

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