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Badges are still one of opersonalised badges for hen nights and birthdaysur most popular products due to their pricing and also their versatility.

They are available in 3 sizes for the round button badge designs, plus heart and rectangular shaped options.

For FULLY PERSONALISED Hen Night Badges, Stag Night Badges and Birthday Badges.  then these can be ordered on line by following the links on the right hand side
We have a selection of pages that show you some of the designs that are available.
You are free to choose or amend any of the designs or to suggest a design of your own.

The pages of designs for customised badges are again available on the links on the right.

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Choose from
Circular badges 45mm, 58mm or 77mm diameter badges.
Heart shaped badges , that are approx 50mm at the widest part.
Rectangular Badges , which are 40 x 60mm.
Ribbon Badges - a 77mm diameter badge on a ribbon lanyard.


Personalise them with the Bride's name, date and venue
and then you can also personalise them with guest names.

Circular Badges - all sizes.
Rectangular Badges.
Heart-shaped Badges.
Lanyard /Ribbon badges


Personalise them with the Stag's name, date and venue.
Circular Badges - all sizes.


Circular Badges.


Circular Badges or  Rectangular Badges.


 If in any doubt, then just call us for advice on our personalised badges

The most economical option is to select our range of standard 'off the shelf' badges.  These are not personalised, but there is a good selection of designs of circular badges.  These can be ordered on line now on our standard badges page where you can choose
hen night badges and birthday badges.

Everything you need for your badge requirements.

*  Choice of 5 sizes and shapes
*  Add your personalised text
*  Choose your design
*  Add a photograph if required
*  Add guest names