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Custom printed ribbon is a great addition
to any event or party celebration.

Our custom sashes

Whether this means ribbon for custom printed banners, hen night sashes, promotional sashes, prom night sashes, contest sashes, award sashes, promotional sashes, lanyards, wristbands, wedding car ribbon, gift wrapping, florist wrap or whatever, then our short run custom printed sashes and narrow ribbon will offer the ideal personalized small order solution to your ribbon requirements.
We carry a large selection of high quality ribbon in a wide range of popular colours - including high visibility ribbon. These are complemented by a good choice of font colours including red, green, blue, pink, white, black, purple and gold and silver metallic foil.

The metallic colours produce a particular striking and positive end-result, particularly when used on the darker ribbon colours like black, purple, red and blue.
The ribbon is available in widths from 15mm up to 100mm. The narrower widths are mainly used for lanyards and gift wrapping, wedding car decorating and floral decoration. The wider widths (100mm wide) are most commonly used for banners and sashes - the most popular use being for hen night sashes and prom night sashes.

No minimum order

The ability to print short runs of ribbon, with no minimum order requirement and no set up cost means that we can produce just one sash at an attractive price. There is no set up costs, no screen to produce and minimal time to wait between ordering and your order being ready for despatch.

Add a photo or logo to your custom sash
We are often asked if we can print a logo or an image on our hen night sashes. There is no problem adding a logo, provided it is a simple logo that can be printed in one colour . The logo can then be added to the sash, but it has to be produced in the same colour as the rest of the text on the sash. Photos are a little more complicated. Our process only enables us to print in one colour at a time and we cannot print in half tones. This means that a full colour phograph is not possible.

The best we can offer is to create the line drawing for you from a photograph. The photo needs to be of excellent quality so that the resulting line artwork stands the best chance of looking good. We can always advise you prior to placing a firm order. There are also some examples of the results of adding photos to sashes, on our main web site. The best result are obtained by using black ink on a light background. The reflective nature and composition of the metallic foils does not lend itself to photographs.

Quick Delivery

All this makes our process and products ideal for last minute orders. We know that numbers attending a party can change, so if you want to order an extra one of our hen night sashes on the day before your event then we can usually help. Obviously if you can give us a little more advanced notice, then it is better for all of us, but we know how difficult it can be to plan a party, particularly when everyone thinks someone else is dealing with the party items and then at the last minute everybody suddenly realises that no one has, in fact, done a thing! Panic sets in ! ...but don't worry - we're used to it. Whether it's an oversight or whether you've been let down with another supplier, then give us a quick phone call or send us ana emailf with your requirements.

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