Personalised Wristbands - Silicone and Ribbon Wristbands.

Great for Hen Parties, Stag Parties, Birthdays
- a perfect addition to your party or event.

Personalised Wristbands are a great way to give a discreet group identity to party goers. They are available in the traditional silicone style as well as ribbon style.

The silicone wristbands have a small minimum order of 25. Our prices include all design and mold charges. Therefore there is no additional costs involved.Personalised Wristbands
You can choose from a great selection of colours for the wristbands.  As a result you can have them single coloured or dual coloured. The dual colour bands can be designed in two distinct stles,  The first is segmented, where the 2 colours are separate with a distinct break between them. The second is Swirl where the 2 chosen colours are mixed together in a swirled pattern.

Ribbon styled wristbands

The ribbon-styled  personalised wristbands are a simple ribbon, printed to your requirement, with your individual message. The wristband is then  joined with a connector.
There is no minimum order for this type of wristband.  So you could order several and have a different message on each of them.

ORDER Your Personalised or Customised Lanyards HERE.

You can now order Customised or Personalised Wristbands here on line.

Because the silicone wristbands are produced from a mold, then this means that there is a little lonPersonalised Wristbandsger to wait or the order. Normally we can get the order to you in 2-3 weeks. Also there is a small minmum order quantity of just 25. Depending on the work load then there could be the possibility to improve on the delivery by paying a small rush charge . This can often reduce the delivery time to 10 days. If your order is really urgent then we would always suggest that in this case, yPersonalised Wristbandsou phone us to get an accurate delivery promise.  Alternatively you could consider our ribbon personalised wristbands.

We supply Personalised Silicone and Ribbon Wristbands

*  Choice of colours
*  Your personalised text
*  Low minimum order for silicone wristbands
*  No set up charge