Personalised Hens Night Badges, Rosettes and Sashes

Personalised Hens Night Badges have always been, and will probably always be, a popular addition to a hen night.  They are a relatively cheap option to create some kind of joint identity for the girls attending the hen night. And they are easy to customise. Having this simple option to create personalised badges means that you can add the Bride's name to a badge. Choose whatever text you want to put on the badge. This could be a simple message with just a name. Or it could also include the venue and the date of the event. 

The Bride

For the Bride, we can also produce a slightly differently worded badge that says something like 'Bride to be' or 'It's My Hen Party'. As well as the bride to be's name, we can also add a name or nickname for any of the girls attending the event.   This is a great help if you have a mix of attendees who do not know each other. For example you could have a mixture of relations, work colleagues, neighbours, school friends and other friends. Having a name on the personalised badges means that everyone will know each other.

Personalised partywear

Other Products

In addition to the range of personalised badges, we also produce a large range of customised rosettes. These are made by us on demand, and can be assembled with any combination of ribbon colours  that is needed - with one, two or three layers.  We still use the badges as a centre for the rosettes. This gives us a lot of versatility in the design - more so than if we used the conventional foil blocking technique for the centre. We  can produce rosettes with photographs in the centre or just with a full colour design.

Besides the personalised hens night badges and rosettes, our other products include our custom printed sashes. We can print ribbon in small quantities, so this means that we don't have a minimum order for a single sash. Of course we would be happier if the order was for more, but we know that occasionally you just need a single item.  This also means that if you were to order a larger quantity of sashes that you could actually order different text for each of the sashes, or have different coloured sashes within the same order.

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